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Winter Baikal

Individual tours to the ice of the deepest and purest lake in the world.
Crystal clarity and power of the great sleeping under the ice of lake Baikal.

Baikal is the deepest lake in the world (the depth is more than 1500 meters), located in the heart of Siberia.  Lake Baikal was formed as an ancient rift valley, having the typical long crescent shape with a surface area over 30,000 square kilometers. It contains more water than all the Great Lakes combined. Baikal is thought to be the world's oldest lake at 25 million years.

In the summer its pristine surface sparkles in the sun, the birds sing, the steppes are covered with flowers, taiga is filled with life...

But in the winter this ancient lake is even more beautiful. With the first winter winds his entire huge area, that is equal with the size of an average European country, covered with a thick layer of clear blue ice. It opens up even more opportunities to see the beauty of the Baikal nature.
Meter thickness clear dark blue ice, turquoise hummocks, ice caves with hanging icicles, deep cracks... You will not see anything like this!

You can explore the Baikal ice surface by foot, by cars, by snowmobile, by skiing, by skating, and even by dog sledding.

Apply the tour and discover one of the most incredible places on the planet!

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