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Type: Leisure-based, rafting, boat trip, walking tours


You will go to lake Teletskoye through the Chuysky tract (the most beautiful road of Russia). The Teletskoye  is a pearl of the Altai mountains. It is an adventure that you will remember for a long time!


You will see and try: the Katu-Yaryk pass (the most difficult car pass), roaring Uchar (the highest waterfall in Altai), fantastic rocks in the form of a mushrooms, the ancient mounds of the Scythian age, rafting on the turbulent rapids of the Katun river, delicious Russian food and raditions.  Feel absolute  unity with nature and learn about Siberia from the firsthand!


10 days/ 9 nights


Period: May - September


Group size: 6-12 человек


Price Includes: Meeting/seeing off in airport, 1 night hotel accomodation in Gorno-Altaisk, Hut accommodation base for 6 nights, Transfer (minibus), All permits and local fees, 3 times a day meals during trekking , Russian bania 2 times, common gear, Trekking guides, translator, cook, rescue ranger's team registration, Traveler's insurance, excursions and rafting

Price Excludes: Travel to and from Gorno-Altaisk, Visa fees, Alcoholic beverages and other luxuries, Personal items

Day 1

Arrive in Gorno-Altaisk. Meet you according to the old Russian tradition with bread and salt. Then transfer to accommodation near Chemal village. You experience mountain road laying between rocky mountain on the left hand and the Katun river on the right hand.


The day's events:

  • Meeting in Russian traditional style

  • The Seminsky pass (1717 m)

  • Pass Chike-Taman (1460 m)

  • The party at the fire and shamanic ritual performance desires.

Day 3

Excursion to the temple on the Patmos island that is in the middle of a raging mountain river. Walk along the "Goat trail", entered in the register of natural monuments of UNESCO. Observe the confluence of two streams - clear turquoise the Katun and the Chemal. Visit  the Askat village, that is famous for clay, wood, metal and silk souvenirs.

The day's events:

  • The Island Of Patmos

  • Chemal hydroelectric power station

  • Exhibition-gallery "the Arrow of Sartaka" exhibition and family Golovan

Day 2

Rafting along the Katun is one of the most popular entertainment in Altai. Cool water, bubbling stream, wild coast - plenty of emotions are provided! Lunch on the waterfall Beltertuyk.


The day's events:

  • Rafting

  • The Waterfall Beltertuyk

  • Evening of the Altai legends and fairy tales

Day 4

Transfer to the river Kudara. This is a land of lakes and Alpine meadows, astounding even the most demanding traveller.


The day's events:

  • Red gate

  • Dead mercury lake

  • Lake Cicely

  • The Ulagan pass

Day 5

Transfer to the Chulyshman river. See the Pazyryk burial mounds of noble nomads 6-7 centuries BC, the Katu-Yaryk pass, canyon depth of 1000 m is located within a picturesque river valley. Evening master class: make Altay Souvenir from natural materials.


The day's events:

  • Pazyryk barrows

  • The Katu-Yaryk Pass

  • Master class "Altai souvenir"

Day 6

An excursion to the largest cascading waterfall of Altai – Uchar (160 meters). Acquaintance with the Russian traditions in the evening: we will weave wreaths of mountain flowers, dance, cook traditional spicy drink Sbiten on a campfire. The most daring can take part in jumping over the bonfire - a rite of purification and test of their strength!

The day's events:

  • The Uchar Waterfall

  • Culinary master class "Sbiten"

  • Dance “Khorovod”

  • Jumping over the fire

Day 7

Row across the Chulyshman river. Walking excursion to the "Stone mushrooms" - bizarre rocks, sized of a three-floor house. Transfer to lake Teletskoye after lunch. Bathing in a frozen lake will strengthen the body and bring a lot of pleasant impressions!


The day's events:

  • Stone "mushrooms"

  • Bathing in a frozen lake

  • Hot tea with Altai herbs

Day 8

Boat trip by lake Teletskoye (length is more than 70 km). The locals call it "the Golden lake". Cool wild coasts, crystal clear water, waterfalls and mysterious caves... This is one of the main embellishments of the Altai mountains. Take a traditional Russian bath in the evening - dive into the icy lake Teletskoe from the hot steam.

The day's events:

  • Walk on lake Teletskoye

  • Waterfall "Corbu"

  • Russian bath with a birch broom

Day 9

Excursion to the crash site of the meteorite and the amazing island of Love. Excursion to the reserve "Yaila terrace" after lunch. Gala dinner and unforgettable fire with talks and songs.


The day's events:

  • Love island and the crash site of a meteorite

  • Photoshoot on the wild coast

  • Reserve "Yaila terrace"

  • Gala dinner

Day 10

Tasting the healing Altai honey at the apiary. Shopping in the local souvenir market. Transfer to Gorno-Altaisk.


The day's events:

  • Tasting of Altai honey

  • The Souvenir market

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