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Surprise yourself! 

Spend an incredible vacation in Siberia!

Take part in an incredible trekking to the Altai mountains - the land of crystal lakes, shining snowy peaks, thousands of waterfalls and rugged Northern taiga...



Siberia is a vast, sparsely populated territory in Central Russia with incredible, nearly untouched wilderness. It has everything from desert to endless taiga. The weather changes from +35 °C to  -50 °C.


Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. The Altai mountains is the birthplace

of the Himalaya. Wonderful Sayan is rich in waterfalls and crystal mountain lakes.

The powerful Ob and Yenisei rivers are located in Siberia. Belukha is the highest

peak of the beautiful Altai. Amazing, rugged deep canyons of the Putorana

Plateau attracts adventurers.


Join one of our expeditions into the heart of Siberia, which combines trekking through the incredibly beautiful wildlife and the immersion in Russian culture. Among our strengths are the original routes, each of them is imbued with its unique idea. It has no analogues. We always have warm and friendly atmosphere on the trek.


We guarantee you'll receive new experience that’ll be enough for a whole year! You will get an unique vivid emotions, rest from the hustle and bustle of modern life, charged with new strength and energy. And, of course, will make many juicy photos for fb!





Enchantment of winter Baikal lake

Excursion tour to the most incredible places of the oldest lake on Earth.

Baikal lake is one of those incredible places which everyone should visit. And, in winter time. This is unique chance to get in close contact with this miracle of nature.

Space under your feet, amazing patterns of ice cracks, bubbles imbedded in the blue frozen abyss of the lake and a quiet crackling of ice - the breath of the great Baikal lake.


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6 days/ 5 nights


Period: February - March


Group size: 6-12 people

Service: assistance in planning and organizing trip to Russia, trekking and other types of trips.


Do you prefer to travel and explore the earth without guides? Then this offer is for you. We will help you organize and plan a trip to Russia: Kamchatka, Altai, Siberia, Baikal, etc. 

We will assist you in the following paragraphs:
• visa
• issue of passes and permits
• search suitable vehicle, including all terrain
• selection and booking of hotels, hostels, campsites
• making insurance
• select the best route (maps and schemes of routes, tips )
• information support along the route
• search and book air, railway and bus tickets
• tourist equipment

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from USD 
 to the group



SP: Trekking

Difficulty level: medium

Your way lies to the shores of pristine mountain lakes, surrounded by glittering peaks of the North Chuya ridge. Here, where ancient taiga pine coexists with the eternal glaciers, you will feel the Russian culture – there will be Russian food, dance, weave wreaths and jump over the fire, sweating in the sauna and dive into an icy river...


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10 days/ 9 nights


Period: May - September


Group size: 6-12 people



Type: Mountaineering

Difficulty level: difficult (III category )


Take a challenge! Distant shining peaks attracts you so then this trek is the best for you.

The ascent to the highest point of Siberia - Belukha (4509m) will test your strength, will bring you brightest emotions. When you do, you gain tremendous experience to be proud of!

If you have good physical shape and had been in the mountains, this tour is for you.


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13 days/ 12 nights


Period: May - September


Group size: 4 - 8 people

Type: Ski

Category of difficulty: Easy


Make an incredible - take a tour of the winter snow taiga in the heart of Siberia! Crisp snow, fragrant fir, frosty breath of the wind and the warm fire in the stove...

This vacation will be unforgettable for you!

Sayan, beautiful Northern mountains, will appear in all its glory for you.


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Period: November - March




For detailed information, contact the Manager






Type: Holiday, boat trip, trekking, rafting

Difficulty level: Simple, for everyone


You will go to lake Teletskoye through the Chuysky tract (the most beautiful road of Russia). The Teletskoye  is a pearl of the Altai mountains. It is an adventure that you will remember for a long time!


You will see and try: the Katu-Yaryk pass (the most difficult car pass), roaring Uchar (the highest waterfall in Altai), fantastic rocks in the form of a mushrooms, the ancient mounds of the Scythian age, rafting on the turbulent rapids of the Katun river, delicious Russian food and raditions.  Feel absolute  unity with nature and learn about Siberia from the firsthand!


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10 days/ 9 nights


Period: May - September


Group size: 6-12 people

No matter your age and gender. If you can walk and have the desire to come, we will find you a suitable track.

Come with us! Fill out an application on our website or contact our Manager via email.



We will develop a personalized itinerary for you, if none of the suggested tours does not fit you for some reason (you are interested in other direction, or you want to travel with your company).


The tour may include one or more routes, or be completely new, depending on your desire.

It is available to order tour to any region of Russia: the Altai mountains, the Sayan, the Kamchatka, lake Baikal, etc.


Private tours are available for all kind of tourist: single travelers, families, colleagues, group of friends, etc.


  • Corporate holiday

  • Family trip

  • The study of the Russian language and culture

  • Hen and stag parties

  • Searching for a source of inspiration

  • The gathering of medicinal Altai herbs




We are a team of friends who love Russian nature We are in love with the snow-white peaks of the Altai mountains and dark blue waters of the Baikal lake, with the endless steppes and the mysterious twilight of coniferous forests, with frosty breath of the tundra... 
We have been traveling independently in Russia for many years , and now I want to share the wonders of Russian nature with other people. 
Our priorities are safety and bright emotions of each participant in our tours.


My name is Lena. I was born and grew up in Russia. I have 2 higher education: a diploma of civil engineer and a diploma of interior design. I’ve opened my own creative Studio two years ago where I make workshops on various topics. But the most important thing for me is traveling. My parents were climbers and they met in the mountains. Perhaps, that is the reason I love trekking and mountaineering.

I completed my first trek when I was 12. Since then I have been in the Altai mountains, Baikal, the Western Sayan mountains, in the Alps. I received the II sports category for mountaineering and trekking tours.

I am interested in Russian and Altai culture, I know many local myths and legends. I'm ready to share the joy of the mountains with you with great pleasure.


I’m Andrew, a mountain guide.

Mountains is not just a hobby for me. I can't imagine my life without them. I’m interested a sports side of climbing, have 1 category on sport tourism, 2 category on mountaineering. I’ve been participated in many of successful expeditions on 6- and 7- thousands meter summits of the Tien Shan and Pamir mountains, and in mountain hikes of 5-6 category of difficulty.

I promise that our journey will not only fascinating, but also as safe as possible.

Hi, I’m Alexandra. I felt in love with the Altai at the age of 13, when I first visited it. Since that time I’m returning there once a year to recharge myself with new experiences. I also did trekking in the Himalayas, Altai, Western Sayans with a camera in my hand or neck.


I will be very glad to show you my favorite places, and I guarantee unforgettable emotions that will be enough for a whole year!

At end of trip, I will give you several professional photos.


See you soon!


My name is Valeria. I have the second sport rank in tourism and orienteering. I like extreme sport. I do hiking, mountaineering, rafting, caving, and rock climbing. My firs trekking was at the age of 7.


At leisure, I am studying the most incredible parts of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, looking for new treks for you. When I’m not in a journey I paint mountain landscapes that I saw before.

I look forward to meeting you!


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