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Tour Follovong the sun. Altai, Russia, Siberia, Shavlinskoe lake

 Following the Sun



Type: Trekking

Difficulty: Medium


Your way lies to the shores of pristine mountain lakes, surrounded by glittering peaks of the North Chuya ridge. Here, where ancient taiga pine coexists with the eternal glaciers, you will feel the Russian culture – there will be Russian food, dance, weave wreaths and jump over the fire, sweating in the sauna and dive into an icy river...


10 days/ 9 nights


Period: May - September


Group size: 6-12 people


Price Includes: Meeting/seeing off in airport, 1 night hotel accomodation in Gorno-Altaisk, 

Hut accommodation base for 1 nights, Transfer (minibus), All permits and local fees, 3 times

a day meals during trekking , Russian bania 1 times, common gear, Horses accompanying the team and carrying the luggage, Trekking guides, translator, cook, horseman, rescue ranger's team registration, Traveler's insurance, excursions and rafting

Price Excludes: Travel to and from Gorno-Altaisk, Visa fees, Alcoholic beverages and other luxuries, Personal items

Day 1

Arrive in Gorno-Altaisk. Meet you according to the old Russian tradition with bread and salt. Then transfer to accommodation near Chibit village. One of the most beautiful roads in the world (Chuisky
highway) leads to it.

The day's events:

  • Meeting in Russian traditional style

  • The Seminsky pass (1717 m)

  • The Chike-Taman pass (1460 m)

Day 2

Trekking up to the Ora river. You will see stunning views of the North-Chuysky ridge. That is an easy day to test your strength and equipment. You will taste borscht, fragrant soup prepared on fire, the most popular Russian food.

The day's events:

  • The safety briefing

  • Legendary borscht

  • Evening of Russian games

Day 3

Trekking through the Ora pass (2229 m), which means the Singing marshes. The way getting down to the valley of the river Shabaga. It goes along the bank in an extraordinarily atmospheric coniferous forest.


The day's events:

  • Ora pass

  • Sunbathing on the banks of a mountain river

Day 4

The resting day. Short walk around. Familiarity with Russian traditions: we will weave wreaths from mountain flowers, dance, cook a traditional spicy drink - sbiten. The most daring can take part in jumping over the bonfire - a rite of purification and a test of their strength!

The day's events:

  • Cooking class - sbiten

  • Dance "Khorovod"

  • Jumping over the fire

Day 5

Trekking to the lower lake Shavlinskoe on ancient bog shaft. We will enjoy incredible views. Three sparkling icy peaks - Dream, Beauty and Fairy Tale that rising over the bright turquoise water surface. Wooden shamanic idols stand on the banks there.

The day's events:

  • Taking photos on the shore

  • Bathing in a frozen lake - strengthen the body and bring a lot of pleasant impressions

Day 6

The resting day. Meet the most beautiful sunrise in the pristine Altai mountains, with a delicious aromatic coffee with spices. The walk to the glacier on the Upper Shavlinskoe lake (2500 m). Feel the extraordinary energy of these places!

The day's events:

  • Dawn watching

  • The walk to the glacier

  • Meditation on the shore

  • Evening of Altaic fairy tales and legends

Day 7

Trekking back along the river Shavla, a familiar forest trail. Evening master class in designing Altay Souvenir from natural materials.

The day's events:

  • Master class "Altai souvenir"

  • Evening Altaic fairy tales and legends

Day 8

Trekking through the Ora pass. Searching for treasure (geocaching). You can take only one thing from the treasure, but you have to leave something instead!

The day's events:

  • Searching for treasure

  • Culinary master-class "Russian pancakes"

Day 9

Returning to Chibit village. Overnight in the guesthouse. Legendary hot steam room (Russian banya) on the banks of a cold mountain river. Unforgettable farewell dinner and campfire with songs and talks.

The day's events:

  • Steam room

  • Gala dinner

Day 1

Transfer to Gorno-Altaisk. A trip to "Kalbak-Tash", a complex of rock carvings where there are more than 5,000 petroglyphs of the stone age. Visit the waterfall of Cherlak. Overnight at the hotel.

The day's events:

  • Geyser lake

  • Petroglyphs

  • The Cherlak Waterfall

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