Enchantment of winter Baikal lake 6 days

Incredible islands of winter Baikal

Excursion tour to the most incredible places of the oldest lake on Earth.

Baikal lake is one of those incredible places which everyone should visit. And, in winter time.

And this tour is a unique opportunity to see both the amazing island of Olkhon, and the far eastern shore of Baikal, with its hot springs among the snows and rookeries of the legendary Baikal seal ...


  • 6 days among the unique beauty of the winter Baikal: lacy blue ice, steep rocks, sparkling icicles and frozen water splashes on the rocky shores

  • 3 excursions to the most interesting and beautiful corners of the Olkhon island coast

  • captivating ice fishing


2-4-bed room




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05.03 - 10.03.18

    6 days

    5 nights


     6-12 people


590 EUR

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  • 50,000 photos that you bring with you from this trip

  • Many bonuses: greeting the sunset/sunrise, evening of fairy tales, outdoor diversions, Russian baths, new friends and energy boost!

Daily program:

Day 1

We meet you in Irkutsk city, then transfer to Khuzhir village located on Olkhon island. This day we will promenade from our homy accommodation to incredible Baikal lake, see famous Shamanka rock.

Safety techniques on ice will be demonstrated to you.

In the evening during the dinner we will come through ceremony of greeting Baikal lake.


Events of the day:

1. Safety briefing and first access to ice;

2. The legendary shaman;

3. Acquaintance party and ritual of greeting Baikal lake.

Day 2

Excursion by car to the most northern part of the island to Khoboy Cape. Frozen icicles, amazingly blue patterned ice, ice caves and picnic lunch right on the frozen Baikal surface with homemade tasty food.

After the lunch, we leave for Bolshoe Sea (means Big Sea) and take the course to Holy Nose peninsula. Our way goes through the amazing river Markova, which despite of the winter cold, does not freeze even in the hard frost!

Then we admire the picturesque islands of the Chivyrkuy Bay, and stay for the night at comfortable small hotel on the eastern shore of the lake, in the village Monakhovo.


Events of the day:

1.Khoboy Cape

2.Lunch on the Baikal ice

3.Islands of the Chivyrkuy Bay

Day 3

Day 3

Today we visit the most interesting places of the Trans-Baikal National Park - the Holy Nose peninsula, Barguzinsky and Chivyrkuys Bays, fantastic islands and the "crystal" ice grottoes of Maly Kyltygey Island.

Then we visit fishermen yurts, where you can  try your hand at ice fishing (optional).

In the evening after coming back to the hotel, we get together in a bathhouse and have a rest in hot springs in the open air among snow.  It is impossible to describe feelings when you plunge into the pool filled with natural mineral water at the temperature of +40 С degrees, under the open sky, when it is snow around and the temperature is -20 С!


Events of the day:


1. Ice Fishing

2. Ice grottoes of Maly Kyltygey Island

3. Swimming in hot springs

Day 4

Today we visit the surrounded by ice hummocks Ushkany islands - the favorite place for the Baikal seal.

In Buryat folklore there is a legend about a certain hundaga-khan - "a man-fish", who has front side of the body as fishlike and back side of his body as humanlike.

If we are lucky enough we have a chance to get acquainted with these magical creatures that could be found only here - on Lake Baikal.

In the evening, we return to Olkhon island, where, after the delicious dinner, we arrange an evening of Baikal legends and fairy tales, about spirits, heroes and, of course, seals.

Events of the day:

1. Ushkany islands

2. Evening of Baikal legends and fairy tales

Day 5

Have you ever played ten-pin bowling on ice where you are a bowling ball? What about golf? Have you ever experienced a heady feeling of winner in a tray racing? Have you ever cycled on the most flat surface? We will try all these and something else today. And then we will have a lunch-break right on the ice and tastiest Baikal herbal tea.

In the evening we will admire beautiful sunset, reflecting the ice, and take vast of pictures.

Ahead is an endless winter night  under the stars and the lullaby of ancient Baikal - crackling, crashing, gurgling ... Feel it all and go to sleep in our warm houses)


Events of the day:

  1. Icy ten-pin bowling and crazy racing;

  2. lunch on the ice;

  3. Photo session at the sunset.

Day 6

Today, fulfilled with Baikal's energy, we return home.

Arrival in Irkutsk. Warm words for goodbye, the promises to see each other again ..


And, see you soon at new adventures!

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We used videos and photos from @serglookas and @recipes_of_adventure


Mango recalls our winter trip to Baikal in 2017

This march i travelled to Lake baikal and met a group of russian friends…they are reaaly nice!as a foreigner and cant speak russian travelling alone in Lake baikal,its lucky to have this warm local friends. so that i enjoyed a traditional local trip with them!everything is awesome!we got great photographer!we danced on the ice lake!we camped!we watched stars! the experience is unforgetable and i wanna go with them again!

Review of Shen about a winter trip to Lake Baikal

The Baikal trip last time in March was really excellent and memorable experience in my life.
The scenery was amazing and the ice of the lake is pure and holy.
Our teammate are very kind people and they are very funny , they give me a lot of help .
I remember Lucas is a really great photographer hahaha .
The food we eat everyday was really nice for me , I think I love Russian food very much.
And these gifts they gave to me before the end of the trip are really precious memory ,I wish that we can travel together again in the future...

Best regards

Отзыв от Марии

Хочу сказать большое спасибо мне все очень понравилось. Это было мое самое лучшее 8мое марта в моей жизни! И люди добрые очень, очень теплые! Спасибо! Вы показали нам все красоты этого места.

И я уже скучаю! Я не думала, что буду так скучать. А тут правда, очень грустно уезжать…

Смотрите еще отзывы в нашей группе vk.com/taigatrek

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Group discount (4+ persons) - 10% discount.

  • Accommodation (5 nights)

  • Transfer from Irkutsk city to Khuzhir village and back (minibus)

  • All excursions indicated in the program

  • Daily meals (3 times a day)

  • Russian bath (2 times)

  • Equipment

  • tour guides

  • Corporate gift from us - TaigaTravel

  • Travel / flight to and from Irkutsk city

  • Excursions not indicated in the program

  • Medical insurance

  • Personal expenses

  • Alcoholic beverages



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