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Individual tours to the deepest and cleanest freshwater lake in the world.
A place of incredible power and unimaginable beauty…


We will develop for you a private route to lake Baikal, according to your wishes and preferences.

You have the opportunity to see the deepest lake in the world - the ancient lake Baikal!  Its age is estimated at 30 million years. The surface area is equal to the territory of Belgium with with its population of 10 million people.

Lake Baikal is one of the cleanest freshwater lakes: water can be drunk without any treatment, and crystal clear water colum are seen to 40 meters in depth.

High mountain ranges and the harsh taiga protect it from people - there are almost no roads, and most places can be reached only by water. Surrounded by unspoilt nature, it is home to many rare species of animals and birds, which can not be seen anywhere else.

It is a place of incredible energy and power. Hundreds and thousands of legends and stories associated with this place. It is very easy to believe in the existence of spirits of the mountains and water, to feel their presence, hear the voices of the ancestors to which shamans call...

By the way, if you visit the lake, you definitely need to try omul - It is extremely tasty.


Private tours are available for all kind of tourist: single travelers, families, colleagues, group of friends, etc.

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