Tour Ascending to Belukha. Belucha. The highest mountain of Altai, climbing, mountaineering. 

Type: Mountaineering

Difficulty level: difficult (III category )


Take a challenge! Distant shining peaks attracts you so then this trek is the best for you.


The ascent to the highest point of Siberia - Belukha (4509m) will test your strength, will bring you brightest emotions. When you do, you gain tremendous experience to be proud of!

If you have good physical shape and had been in the mountains, this tour is for you.



Experience: suitable for strong and motivated people with a high level of fitness. Trekking or climbing experience is not essential.


13 days/ 12 nights


Period: May - September


Group size: 4 - 8 people

Price Includes: Meeting/seeing off in airport, 1 night hotel accomodation in Gorno-Altaisk, 

Hut accommodation at Tungur base for 2 nights, Transportation to the Tungur (start point) and return (minibus), All permits and local fees, 3 times a day meals during trekking and food and fuel for climbing, Russian bania 2 times, amping and common climbing gear, Horses accompanying the team and carrying the luggage to the Akkem lake and back, Trekking and climbing guides, translator cook, horseman, rescue ranger's team registration, Traveler's insurance which covers rescue team support and helicopter evacuation. 


Price Excludes: Travel to and from Gorno-Altaisk, Visa fees, Alcoholic beverages and other luxuries, Personal items

Day 1


Arrive in Gorno-Altaisk. Meet you according to the old Russian tradition with bread and salt. Transfer to accommodation near Tungur village.


The familiarity evening near the bonfire.

Day 2


The distribution of equipments and food. Packing products and public equipment on pack-horses.


The safety briefing.


Day 3


Transfer to the "Three birches" camping by the 4wd vehicle.


Trekking along a forest trail. Each participant carries his personal gear and food for a few days in his rucksack.


Overnight in tents at the aria of the picturesque Tekelu waterfall.

Day 4


Trekking to the famous Akkem lake (2100 m).

Meeting with caravan of horses. The distribution of products and public equipment.


Overnight in tents on the shore of the lake overlooking the picturesque massif of Belukha.

Day trail is 8-10 km.

Day 5


Trekking to Tomsk camping (3000 m) through Akkem glacier. Elevation gain is about 1,000 m.


Crossing the river Akkem through the bridge at the end of the lake. A visit to the high mountaineered chapel. Day trail is 17 km.


Day 6

Technical training on the glacier "Watermelon":

  • movement in crampons and using ice axes;

  • using the equipment for ascent and descent on the fixed rope;

  • technical movement on the rails by givingpf the necessary commands;

  • "self-restain" exercise  in case of falling one of the members in a team in a check;

  • movement technic in the ligaments on the glacier.

Acclimatization hike to the mountain range Delone under favorable conditions. Preparation for the ascent.


Day 7


Start the technical part of the climb. Early exit. The rise of the Delone (300 m, ice with a slope of 30-40 degrees). The guides organize the insurance.Overcoming Mensa glacier and ascent to the BBC pass.

Setting up the camp. Days trail is 7 km.

Day 8


The summit attempt. Movement from camps in bunches.

ascent to the Beluchinskipass by fixed rope (120 meters). The movement in bunches on the ridge to the top.


Ascent of the Belukha East (4509 m). Descent via the same route. Overnight in tents.

Day 9


Reserve day in case of bad weather.


Going down to the Glacier and get acquainted with Russian traditions: we will try round dancing, cook a traditional spicy drink - sbiten. The most daring can take part in jumping over the bonfire - a rite of purification and a test of their strength!


Day 10


Reserve day in case of bad weather.


Short hikes around, technical training.

Day 11


Trekking to Akkem lake.


Legends  and tales about Altai in the evening. Master class how to play a traditional musical instrument.

Day 12


Trekking to the "Three birches" camping.

Anyone can participate in Altai Souvenirs master-class making or archery.

Day 13


Transfer to Tungur village.Traditional Russian Banya with a birch broom.


Gala dinner near the campfire.

Day 14


Transfer to Gorno-Altaisk.

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