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Teletskoye lake

Private tours in one of the most pure and deep mountain lake.
Clear water, snow-capped peaks reflected in the flawless surface of the lake, hundreds of waterfalls and grottoes…

We will develop a personalised itinerary for you to the lake Teletskoe, according to your wishes and preferences.

Deepest (over 300 meters), incredible mountain lake, surrounded by  protected mountains, pristine taiga. You will be enchanted by the unspoilt expanse of this huge lake. Its sudden storms will capture the spirit. You will be amazed by the noise of hundreds of waterfalls falling into the lake, by secret grottos.

Dozens of legends and stories are stacked about The Teletskoye lake. It can be learnt from the shore, be beheld while standing in the boat or sitting in a small canoe. Nevertheless, you will not discover all its secrets and wonders...

Private tours are available for all kind of tourist: single travelers, families, colleagues, group of friends, etc.


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